Tin Can Salesman: Define, Discover, Design.


In this project, the objective was to make a cover for a can of “something”. I chose to make a cover that is selling love. The audience would be geared towards anyone who would like to give someone a Valentines day present or even if it was a gag gift. It could be used for either. I took a nutrition facts label and made it relate all to love and care. My idea is to have a fact of love on each can, kind of how Fuji Water do on their water bottles.


Make It Work: Define, Discover, Design


In this “Make It Work” project, I had to make a logo based on a certain kind of restaurant. I had to choose two totally different ¬†objects and put them together in an interesting way. My restaurant was a Soul food place, and the two objects were a fork and and music. I made 30 sketches of music and forks and how they can go together. Instead of doing the obvious, I made a woman figure with a fork head that can be also looked as as a crown. I made three different variations of how this idea could work.

Design Spark Recap

Phase I: Define the Assignment

The assignment was to pick from a list of local events in Delaware and to make a poster to advertise the event. The even that I chose was the Centennial¬†Tea Service at the Hotel DuPont. My poster is supposed to geared toward women that are in their 30’s to 50’s.

Phase II: Discover Three Design Sparks

1. 100 Years of Fashion Illustration (Book)

2. Fashion and Fantasy (Book)

3. Scauullo Photographs 50 Years (Book)

Phase III: Design Three Poster


1. The first design spark led to this poster because it was dealing with a woman that was surrounded by other women at a sort of formal party.

2. The second design spark led to this poster because it was a full body image of a woman who seems to be relaxed on a wall and dressed formally.

3. The third design spark led to this poster because I was really inspired by the formalization of it and the way that they woman looked pleasant and elegant.

Phase IV: Refine One Poster


For this poster, I thought about my mother and how she loves elegant looking things, but she still has some type of spunk to her as well. I tried to put that “spunk” in by the hair and making the hair really big. My mother is in her 50’s but i know that many of her styles can relate to women also in their 30’s.

Phase V: Deliver The Final Poster


My poster will attract my audience because it has an elegant feel to it. It shows youth in the woman’s face but it also show elegance and maturity as well.