Weekly Inspiration Week 6



Natural Hair and Relationship

Loving God



Vision Board for Museum Book

Design 7Process: While making this vision/mood board, I googled protective styling for natural hair, my favorite natural hair gurus, and curlformers. I printed out pictures of each of the subjects and then hand drew the names of the hair products that are the most known and are my favorites. I also drew a head of a girl with natural hair.

Feedback: The feedback that I got in class wasn’t much so I take that as my idea being on the right path and direction.

Direction: While making this book, I plan to split it into four parts (Protective hairstyles and what you need to use for the styles, tips from the gurus, curlformers and the styles from them, and the hair products to use and what are in them, including the prices and my personal favorites.

Recap for Valentine’s Mailer


During this project, we had to pick an artist, a family memeber or a company that we admire. Whoever it was that we picked, we were to make mailers for them for Valentine’s Day to show our admiration. My mailer was meant to be sent to my sister because she is very stylish and is very much so into fashion. I put different fashion photos on each circle and put a quote of how inspiration leads us to success in our own areas in life.

Non-Profit Draft


In support of Delaware College of Art and Design; Graphic Designers and Illustrators, we are reaching out to be apart of your organization. In this Visual Communications class, we are were to search for a non-profit organization that the whole class had interest in. The point of this project is to put our skills to the test as beginner designers with the well education that we have collected so far. Our intentions are to see what your organization would like from us to do for you, such as enhancing logos, websites and more. If you are interested, we will be delighted to help! 

Thank you,