My name is Bria Dayana Mason and I am a Graphic Designer, I love visual art. I also love music and singing, which is also one of my goals. I want to be known as “that singer who is a graphic designer/art director” or visa versa. As long as I pursue both careers successfully I would be beyond happy.

Going to California and attending Laguna College of Art + Design is my goal for next year. I have been working very hard and talking to many people about how to get in and how to succeed, which is one of the reasons I am shooting for a 4.0 this year to hopefully increase my chances of being accepted.

I come from a small city in Pennsylvania and I’m also the youngest of two brothers and two sisters which is another way of saying I have two extra sets of parents. My passion is in drawing, singing, cooking and baking, all of these I have been doing since I was basically in diapers.


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