Weekly Inspiration: Week 5


Cooking and Great Music

Hair DIY Product

Hair Style

Hair Growth Goals


Recap for Valentine’s Mailer


During this project, we had to pick an artist, a family memeber or a company that we admire. Whoever it was that we picked, we were to make mailers for them for Valentine’s Day to show our admiration. My mailer was meant to be sent to my sister because she is very stylish and is very much so into fashion. I put different fashion photos on each circle and put a quote of how inspiration leads us to success in our own areas in life.

Non-Profit Draft


In support of Delaware College of Art and Design; Graphic Designers and Illustrators, we are reaching out to be apart of your organization. In this Visual Communications class, we are were to search for a non-profit organization that the whole class had interest in. The point of this project is to put our skills to the test as beginner designers with the well education that we have collected so far. Our intentions are to see what your organization would like from us to do for you, such as enhancing logos, websites and more. If you are interested, we will be delighted to help! 

Thank you,

Make It Work Recap


Throughout the ‘Make It Work” logos, we had to pick a restaurant that we like to eat at. My restaurant was a soul food place. I then picked a few objects that is found at the restaurant. With this logo the two objects are basically music and forks. I wanted to put them together in an interesting and less obvious way. We drew the logos out and edited them so that they can be a graphic element. After the logo was done, I added a name to the restaurant. My name for the restaurant is called Upendo’s Soul Food. Upendo means “love” in Swahili.


Simon Says: Define & Discover.

In this assignment, I have to make up 8 steps of how to do something, anything at all. My audience for my 8 steps is for anyone who have read “To Kill a Mockingbird”. If people are anything like me, I have a habit of calling this book “How to Kill a Mockingbird”. So in this project i am going to illustrate 8 steps of how to kill a mockingbird, but instead of killing an actually bird, it will be shooting the book.

1. Get in car

2. Go to a gun shop

3. Purchase a rifle

4. Go home gather everything, and change into army fatigue

5. Go to woods

6. Load gun

7. Aim

8. Shoot