Museum Book/Collateral Post






In this Museum book, our class had to come up with a topic that we wanted to illustrate into a book that could be sold at an exhibition or museum. I chose to write and illustrate natural hair. I drew all of the images that are in the book and colorized them in photoshop. Our teacher gave us a collateral to do along with the book. In this collateral we had to make a poster, a shirt, a ticket and a wildcard, in my case it was a keychain. When all was done, we presented them in the class and wrapped up the project.


Vision Board for Museum Book

Design 7Process: While making this vision/mood board, I googled protective styling for natural hair, my favorite natural hair gurus, and curlformers. I printed out pictures of each of the subjects and then hand drew the names of the hair products that are the most known and are my favorites. I also drew a head of a girl with natural hair.

Feedback: The feedback that I got in class wasn’t much so I take that as my idea being on the right path and direction.

Direction: While making this book, I plan to split it into four parts (Protective hairstyles and what you need to use for the styles, tips from the gurus, curlformers and the styles from them, and the hair products to use and what are in them, including the prices and my personal favorites.